Event Registration

Hi! We are all excited for you to come join us! This page is for the event registration- not the classes with Franklin Habit, for those click on the Classes link & Call the Wall of Yarn! Then come back to this page!

To keep in touch, for all your planning and ours- please send us your information. This helps us make sure to have enough prizes and seating

Let us know things like –

How many fiber buddies do you have traveling with you, and generally where are you coming from? (Very handy if everyone doesn’t like giving out their e-mails. I promise you won’t get many.)

Will you be taking the bus or driving? (If we get a bunch coming in from the Rockford Bus Depot we can see about shuttles – just give a lady some warning)

Will you be having non-fiber folk as your traveling companion? (We are working on some activity recommendations for them too!)


Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Event Registration

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  1. I’m confused with all the posts about the event. I want to know about the actual knit-a-thon. I am unclear about where it is going to be held…at the yarn shop or at the Wagner House? And if I come to knit, what do I have to bring with me? Am I required to purchase yarn at the event or can I bring some of my stash I have? And I am hesitant to pre-register since there are people with health issues in my life that make it such that I sometimes have to cancel my plans with little or no warning. What if I register and end up not being able to go? I hate to take up a spot that someone else might have been able to have. I remember seeing more information and maybe the answers to some of my questions in some of these posts before, but I have browsed but just can’t find them again. Thanks.


    1. Hi Mary, the actual hope-a-thon will be at the yarn shop! You can bring stash, obviously the store owners appreciate any sales they can earn too. All your registration does is help us to have prizes, seating, and snacks for everyone.

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. I completely understand having life turn on a dime. My personal email address is Xcat9 at Hotmail . com

      Hope to see you next week,
      Alex (Alexandra) Woloszyk


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